Eagle Board of Review

We are using Zoom to host Rank Advancement reviews until regulations permit face-to-face meetings.

What you need to do

ASSUMPTION: you have completed all the requirements through Requirement 6 on the application form AND your Eagle Rank Application form is filled out completely & correctly. Errors & omissions may result in a significant delay in scheduling your review board.

Step 1

Confirm  your profile is correct. This is your Individual Advancement Report. Your Scoutmaster or designate can access this using the Internet Advancement facility in Scoutbook. Use it to confirm your rank and merit badges earned. Also confirm your name (first, middle, and last name) are correct along with a correct DoB – date of birth – and address. If there are errors or missing items, work with your Scoutmaster to get them corrected.

Step 2

Fill out an Eagle Rank Application form and an Advancement Report. You should also prepare your Statement of Ambitions & Life Purpose. Again, there is a function in Scoutbook that will generate a pdf file prepopulated with your known information. The Advancement Report is a BSA form. It is NOT your Scout profile or advancement record.

Step 3

Council’s verification signature: Email your application form – must be a pdf document – to our District Executive – who will arrange to get the signature and return the signed document to you. This process may take more than the 48 hour turnaround standard we had before the COVID  regulations became effective. You MUST have Council’s verification signature on your application before we can schedule your review board.

Step 4

Submit a Request for Review (link is at the top of the right hand column) and use January 1, 2021 as your preferred date. You’ll have an opportunity later to schedule a day and time. On submitting your request, you will get an email response. Read it carefully in the event there are changes to our procedures not covered here.

Step 5

In an online folder (either GDrive or OneDrive is OK), upload the following documents:

  • Eagle Rank Application form, Advancement Report (this is not your advancement record; see link in right hand column), Statement of Ambitions & Life Purpose, signed copies of your Project Proposal Approvals and your Project Report Approvals.
  • From the Workbook, the Proposal section, the Planning section, and the Report section. Include any supplemental documents or images that are in support of your project.

The Application form and the Advancement report MUST be submitted as pdf documents. You must include the link to your document folder when you make your appointment.

Step 6

Go to the SCHEDULING page on the District website and select a day/time that will work for you and your Adviser. We are currently offering review boards on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 5:00p, 6:00p, and 7:30p. If either the day or time of your choice is unavailable, it means someone has already booked it. If the Appointment program accepts your request, you may consider that you have secured that time slot and you will hear from us – usually the day before your review date – with a Zoom link. We will contact you if circumstances change for some reason and we have to re-schedule. Appointment reservations must be made no later than 9:00pm on the Friday of the week preceding the week of your request.anuary

What to Expect

Assuming all your paperwork and binder content is complete, we will schedule a Zoom meeting for the day and time you requested. At that review, you will have an opportunity to talk about you project. Your review board will you ask how your project allowed you to demonstrate planning and leadership. In addition, they will ask about your Scouting experience, what Scouting means to you, how it’s affected the way you conduct yourself, and what you plan to do to help keep the program going in the future. 


For Scouts who need to apply for an extension, the process is explained here: Eagle Extension Scouts will also need to complete the following:

  • An Adult Application Form – required because the Scout is over 18. Send it to Rand Mahoney.
  • Approve Authorization for a Background Check. send to Rand Mahoney.
  • Take Youth Protection Training. Send a copy of the Certificate to Rand Mahoney.


Nick Hall   (925) 272-9140

Brent Henderson (925) 212-5453

Paul Rettig 

Rand Mahoney (925) 674-6125


Scouting Record

Ask your Scoutmaster for a current copy of your Scout Profile – available through Scoutbook – and check it to make sure it is complete and correct. Work with your Scoutmaster to remedy any errors.

Guide to Advancement – 2019

This is the definitive resource for rules and guidance for advancement. Section 9 deals specifically with Eagle Rank. VIEW

Eagle Rank Application Form

You may download a fillable version of this form HERE. There is also a function in Scoutbook that will insert all your known information and provide a printable document.

Advancement Report

This is a required document. It’s available HERE. Fill in your Scoutmaster’s information – upper left.  Add your own name on Line 1.

This form is NOT your Scouting profile!

Palm Awards

Use Scoutbook to request Palm Awards. The signed Rank Application form must be processed prior to submitting the request.

Extension Forms & Links

Extension – Instructions

Advancement Report

Adult Application & Instructions

Background Check Authorization. This form is included in the link to the Adult Application from

Youth Protection Training

Print to pdf (Windows)

Open your Workbook and select Print > Print to pdf.

Proposal section: for pages, enter 7, 9-12 and click Print. Give the document a file name and click Save.

Planning section: for pages, enter 14-18 and click Print. Give the document a name and click Save.

Report section: for pages enter 21-24 and click Print. Give the document a name and click Save.

Upload the file to your online folder.


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Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow