Project Proposal

We are using Zoom to host Project Proposal reviews until regulations permit face-to-face meetings.

Scouts . . . you MUST always “CC” at least one other adult on all your communications to us.

What you need to do

Step 1

Request a copy of your Profile. This is your Individual Advancement Report. Your Scoutmaster or designate can access this using the Internet Advancement facility in Scoutbook. Use it to confirm your rank and merit badges earned. Also confirm your name (first, middle, and last name) are correct along with a correct DoB – date of birth – and address. If there are errors or missing items, work with your Scoutmaster to get them corrected.

Step 2

If you have not already done so, download the SERVICE PROJECT WORKBOOK. Make sure you are using the current version of the workbook – Jan 2021. It’s a fillable pdf document. Follow the instructions on the download page.  Complete all the sections – it’s OK to add supplemental pages if there is not enough space on the form – and make sure you have the required signatures on the Approvals page of the Workbook. Note: On the Contacts page, you may leave the ‘Council/District Project Approval Representative’ blank.

Step 3

Fill in and submit a Request for Review. This is an online (Google) form. During this time of SiP, use January 1, 2021 as your requested review date. More later on appointments! You and your Adviser will get an email response. Please check for updates to the instructions.

Step 4

Create an online folder (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive) and upload your Proposal which should include the Cover page and Proposal Pages B, C, D, E. The equivalent Acrobat pages are 7 and 9 – 12. In addition and separately, include a pdf version of your signed Approvals page. Include this link when you book your appointment.

Step 5

Go to the APPOINTMENTS page and submit your appointment request.  The cut off for scheduling an appointment is the Friday preceding the week in which you are requesting an appointment. Currently, we are offering review boards on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 5:00p, 6:00p, and 7:30p. If the Appointment program accepts your request, you may consider that you have secured that time slot and you will hear from us – usually the day before your review date – with a Zoom link. We will contact you if we determine there is missing information from your Proposal form or if circumstances change for some reason and we have to re-schedule.

What to expect

Your review board will have reviewed your proposal and will invite you to give a verbal account of your proposed project. They are not looking for detailed information; this is a proposal. However, they will be asking questions about how your project will allow you to demonstrate planing and leadership. Other areas they are likely yo question you about include safety provisions and preparedness for unanticipated events.

If your review board is satisfied that your project meets the essential requirements for an Eagle Scout project, the Board Chair will add an electronic signature to you Approvals and email it to you. 

NOTE: We have suspended the use of the Project Record & Checklist form. For in-person reviews this was a way for volunteers to add comments. It will be your responsibiity to add any comments your board makes – there is a place to do so at the beginning of the next segment of the Workbook. 

Print to pdf (Windows)

Open your Workbook and select Print > Print to pdf.

For pages, enter 7, 9-12 and click Print. Give the document a file name and click save.

Upload the file to your online folder.

COVID-19Updates to guidelines and restrictions.


Guide to Advancement – 2019
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Guide to Safe Scouting
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