Meridian District

Meridian District serves the communities of Alamo, Danville, Diablo, and San Ramon. For more information about our Scouting programs and how to join, contact any of the Key-3 listed below.

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Patch for Camporee 2021 with a theme of Survivor.

Camporee 2021


Introduction: We are fast approaching the date for Camporee 2021!  This is a great opportunity to enable your scouts to get back outside to enjoy scouting and camping in a safe environment.  We will be hosting Camporee at Rancho Los Mochos  from Friday October 8th through Sunday October 10th.

Registration is open. Click on the Camporee menu link above for more information. Because we’re running later than we would like, please register as soon as you can. Our initial deadline is September 3, 2021 if we are to get out Patch and T-shirt order placed in time for camp. In addition to the counts and shirt sizes, we also need to get 80% of your expected costs paid to us by September 3rd as well. 

As in past years, if you need to change your registration numbers, simply resubmit the online form. We use the most recent date stamp to determine which submission to use.

You will have until September 22nd to do any updates to the registration information and then complete the full registration. 

We’ll be following up shortly with more info about Events and Staff volunteers.

Youth Staff are a vital part of Camporee and we will contact Scoutmasters or a Troop’s designated Camporee Scoutmaster with information about Youth Staff nominations.

Events: We ask that you come prepared to host an event at camp.  This event should ideally be a competition that aligns with the Survivor theme.  We also ask that you select an event that can be conducted in a “covid friendly” way.  Once you have selected an event, please send it to Mike Friedel  as soon as possible, but no later than September 22nd.  Although we expect to be able to be in-person, please also think of a virtual event in case we have to make a last minute change to go on-line. 

COVID: Rules and guidelines associated with the pandemic are fluid. We will follow guidelines that are set by our Council along with any specific local requirements.

Save the Date

Saturday, September 25, 2021 9:00am to Noon

Iron Horse Middle School – Blacktop

Got a moment or two to spare – come and join us for under an hour and be amazed to find out all that Scouting has to offer!

Meridian 2021-22 Program Year – Scouting Exchange – Extravaganza

Below is a quick-look snapshot of standing events. Please check the CALENDAR for details and any possible last minute changes.


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow