Eagle Orientation

Scouts who have earned Life rank are encouraged to begin the final phase of their Trail to Eagle right away.

Orientation is a Scout’s introduction to all the steps he or she will have to take if they want to attain Eagle Rank. We no longer hold formal Orientation sessions. Instead, please review the Google Slides presentation on this page along with related links to forms and articles. If you have question, please email them to Nick Hall.

  • Review the Google Slides presentation ‘Life to Eagle’ below.
  • Download the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. It’s a 26 page document so we don’t recommend printing a hard copy. Do a quick read – just enough to be familiar with the document.
  • Now, carefully read pages 2 through 5. And, after you’ve done that, read through those pages again with your parents or guardian. They need to understand what it is you’re taking on and the support you may need from them.
  • When you meet with your Beneficiary, take a copy of the “Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project” document – it’s at the end of the Workbook – and review it with them.


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

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