Patch for Camporee 2021 with a theme of Survivor.

Camporee 2021 - Survivor

The scouting experience is filled with many amazing opportunities to experience and enjoy the great outdoors. However, Scouts must always Be Prepared to ensure that they are SURVIVORS!  Scouts should always hope for the best but prepare for the worst in their regular and high adventure outings.   Camporee 2021 is no exception!  Scouts will be challenged with many opportunities to demonstrate their scouting skills and that they are Survivors!



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  • Bring Medical forms (Part A/B) for ALL participants
    Units are responsible for keeping medical forms available at all times should they be needed by Adult Leadership or Camporee medical staff.

  • We will require proof of attendee being fully vaccinated or proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arriving at camp.  The verification of these items and passing the Council health checklist and temperature check must be managed by the troops and performed prior to arrival at camp.

  • Masks must be worn at all times (except sleeping) and scouts must sleep head to toe and no more than 2 per tent

  • Troops & Packs are expected to be self sufficient in treating minor injuries and accidents.  A medic will be on-site on Saturday to address more serious issues if any should occur.

  • Each Unit needs a Safety Officer who:

    • Will have the medical forms & COVID verifications

    • Is the primary contact on safety issues between Camporee Staff, your Unit, and your Scouts’ Families, if needed.

    • Is responsible for developing and communicating a Unit evacuation plan including the ability to verify that all unit members are accounted for.

Key Contacts

Committee Chair: Mike Friedel (T84)

Assistant Chair:    Mike Jensen (T84)

Scoutmaster:        TBD 

SPL:                        Nandan Diwan (T84) 

Registrar:               Mala Quatman

Webelos: Lia Marquez (T874) & Amy Kelly (T805)

Key Dates

Sep 6, 2021: Deadline for initial registration. Payment of 80% of costs due.

Sep 22, 2021: Deadline for making changes to registration. Outstanding balances due.


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Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow